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  1. A. Bhansali
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    This is a wonderful article that sheds light on the critical role bacteria play in our body. Indeed, it is by bacterias’ proliferation and colonization of the human gut and intestines that many products of digestion can even be harvested, for example Vitamin B12, which can only be synthesized by bacteria themselves. Not only that, but by inhabiting our body and providing this crucial microbiome, bacteria become a part of our body’s normal flora that helps prevent colonization by harmful pathogens. It is not shocking to learn that this microbiome only further enhances humanity’s capacity to protect itself by providing an example for our body’s host cells to observe and recognize parts of, such that a better and more efficient immune response can be mounted. I am positive that more research into the microbiome will reveal even more interesting facts about the diverse and intricate web of inter-dependencies that our body exhibits with its microbiome. It should also be said that by developing strategies that specifically target and utilize our body’s microbiome, it should be possible to further enhance its beneficial effects and even provide new foundations for ongoing medicine and treatments! The immune system itself is a wide array of communication between cells and an astounding amount of cooperation and coordination. By allowing and recruiting our body’s microbiome to become a greater part of this mesh of defense, it is with a sole purpose that all our cells can unite behind and continue their existence, the defense of the host all cells are a part of, whether those cells be bacteria or eukaryotic!

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